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For all questions, press contacts or comments regarding the game, its development or anything related, write here:

honeyUFE (at) gmail (dot) com!


  1. Hello!

    I am asking for permission to produce derivative works (Reviews, Let’s Plays, Commentaries, Streams, etc.) using video footage from games you own the copyrights to, including Honey rose.

    Further, do you allow me to take advantage of YouTube’s Partner Program that places ads on such derivative works?

    I appreciate your time and consideration.


    • Hello!

      I have replied to you personally by mail, but for other request of the same nature: I approve and encourage all let’s play, commentary videos and streams of all pleyers’ experience with the game, and only ask to be notified when they’re available so I can see and share them myself!
      I also have no issues with content creators using the Youtube Parner Program to feature ads on your content.
      Regarding transformative work directly using the assets or promotional material from the game itself, I would need more details about your planned project first, but in general, I’m open to hearing and supporting your propositions!

      Thank you very much for asking, and I’m looking forward to what you make!

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