Get the Game!

Please make sure to read all of the following for all information related to how to get the game, and how to support it!


  • Windows 64-bit
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 500 Mo of Hard Drive Space

Honey Rose is available as a desktop application for Windows 64-bit computers. The game may work with 32-bit configurations as well, though some issues might arise!

The game is also available through direct browser play. If you elect to play it through your browser, please allow several minutes for the game’s files to download on first launch, there is about 500Mo of data to download. Browser play is primarily intended for Mac and Linux users. If you’re a Windows user, please prioritize either of the other two options!



(to play using a browser, you will also need to download the fonts bundle and install it. Download the fonts here)


The installer is always patched to the latest version available. If however you downloaded an earlier version of the desktop setup at any point, you can download the update file manually here and replace it it your installation directory, agreeing to replace the older file!

Latest patch: 1.0.26 (November 10th, 4PM CEST). To check your version number, press F2 on the title screen! For the full release notes/changelogs, check here!

IMPORTANT NOTE: the game is free to access. If you bought a key on any other service at any other price, none of the proceeds went to the game’s authors, and you have in effect been scammed. I would recommend getting your money back from the site that sold you the key and getting your copies of the game only from the recommended sources listed above, or another source that allows free download of the game!



– For Mac and Linux users, there is no dedicated version available, so please use the Browser play option in one of the recommend browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari if you use an addon to support the .ogg format.

– If you encounter any issue during play, please report it by writing to @lavantdapres or, with a screencap of the issue if at all possible!

– The game has known issues with 32-bit windows versions, and machines with low RAM. Make sure you meet the minimum specified requirements!

– The game can be misidentified as a false positive by Avast, Avira and AVG. If they block the game process from starting, make sure to allow an exception for nw.exe (for steam version) or honeyrose.exe (for all other desktop versions), or access to the site if playing through your browser!

– Initial launch on any configuration may require up to several minutes. Please wait to make sure the game starts correctly when first launching it!

– Make sure you have the correct version of Directx installed. By default, the installer should setup it for you, but if you skipped the process, you can access it again via the dxwebsetup.exe file in any of the desktop versions.

– When using the web version, the game’s data and your progress will be stored in your local browser cache. Be sure not to clear it unless you want to delete your game progress!

– If fonts are not displayed correctly in the game, make sure you have the following fonts installed on your computer: OpenDyslexic, Blue Highway, Komika Text. They should be installed as part of the installation process of the desktop application, but you will need to install them separately for the browser version! Download a bundle with all the required fonts here!



The game uses a “pay-what-you-liked” remuneration model.

“Pay-what-you-liked” is a system designed after “pay-what-you-want”, except you choose to support the game *after* having played it for yourself, and determined its personal value based on your own experience. It is designed to offer each player the most choice possible in whether to support the game or not.

To support the game and its creators, you have several options available:

– you can use the following link to forward any amount you want. This amount will be split between the two developers of the game: Pehesse and Morusque.

– you can use the pay-what-you-want system to pay any amount you want, and obtain another copy of the game. The amount will be split between Pehesse, Morusque and

– you can buy DLC for the game on Steam. DLC stands in for suggested pay-what-you-liked tiers, and will not unlock any additional content for the game. Proceeds will be split between Pehesse, Morusque and Steam.

– you can buy the soundtrack:  All proceeds will go to Morusque.

– you can support Pehesse’s Patreon, to support the development of his upcoming work. All proceeds will go to Pehesse.

If you choose to support the game, thank you very much! Another way to support the game is to help spread its reach by telling your friends and family about it, and giving them any extra copies you might have! Talk about the game on social media, livestream it on Youtube and other streaming services… the possibilities are endless!

If you make any fanart, or cosplay, or video, or music arrangements, be sure to notify @lavantdapres, so I can add them to the Honey Media Collection! If you need anything to make any of the previous happen, be sure to contact @lavantdapres, to discuss what is possible!

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